But why not a motorcycle?

I wrote a post awhile back about Vespa and Harley-Davidson cultures, so you can see why a couple of funny images I came across recently are sort of cracking me up. The first one was in a discussion thread on ModernVespa, the second I found on Pinterest. Obviously these are both Vespa-centric, but they bring..

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Mod #4: GTS rear rack on GT200


The stock rack of the GT200 is a matte silver plastic duckbill. It’s not cute. I don’t know what Piaggio was thinking, but plastic where we are used to seeing metal is not the Vespa aesthetic. People who have GT200s tend to love this scoot, but I’ve encountered mixed opinions about the rack. People either hate..

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The crash bars are coming off


Lucrezia is back in the shop waiting on another new coolant hose this week. I asked my mechanic buddy to take off the Prima crash bars and throw them in the trash. Last week, I had a few times when the scoot wouldn’t start – but when it did start, it ran fine. Then on Wednesday,..

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Managing risk and looking good


Well, this is just brilliant. Motorcycle.com sets out to educate “the unwashed and ignorant savage square-state big-bike rider” on scooters. And it is HILARIOUS. http://www.motorcycle.com/features/skidmarks-six-things-you-need-to-know-about-scooters.html A lot of good humor has its roots in truth. I am particularly glad the author called out point #4: Scooter riders don’t wear enough protective gear. “Why scooterists think..

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