So much for activism

Well, we all knew the day would come. We just didn’t think it would be quite so soon. Last week, one of my friends rode his motorcycle to work and parked on the Sidewalk to Nowhere, as we always do. Our desks are right inside those windows, so we can keep an eye on anyone..

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Sunday Ride to Fast Eddie’s


Fast Eddie’s Bon Air in Alton, Ill., is something of a legend along the Great River Road. Its cheap food and great patio make it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, but since the river road is such a fantastic scenic ride (and Illinois doesn’t have helmet laws, which makes it appealing to..

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Riding the wave

the wave 1

My first introduction to “the wave” was on the back of a Harley-Davidson, and since I wasn’t paying a great deal of attention to the circumstances, I assumed it was another one of those Harley things. As it turns out, the wave does have its roots in H-D lore and is widely supposed to have..

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Back on the scoot, with video!

She’s back! It’s been three weeks since I dropped Lucrezia off to have the coolant hose repaired (again), and one thing after another went wrong with the repairs. Some ceramic gasket cracked, and it’s a part they had to order special from Italy. And I guess it had to be blessed by the Pope or..

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